About Christian Bailey, REALTOR®

It wasn’t until Christian had already begun investing in real estate that he became drawn to help others do the same. As an astute investor, having owned property both domestically and in the US, it was obvious the level of advice available to someone looking for the best outcome was lacking. Christian particularly feels as though it’s important to help families with the business of real estate. While his clients are falling in love with the chef’s kitchen and imagining their family at the season’s first BBQ, Christian’s calculating market values helping the average family purchase and sell with the keen sense of a successful investor. With 9 years serving in Canada’s Armed Forces, Christian understands a disciplined approach to serving clients. You could set your watch by Christian's punctuality and his work ethic is inspiring. Christian believes that helping people is about protecting them. By dedicating himself to expertise development, Christian has developed his real estate practice on both coasts. From 2013-2015, Christian began his career with Sutton Group Professional Realty. In 2015, he took an opportunity in Edmonton Alberta over a 4.5 years period. Not only did Christian have a career high from helping 200 families, but his team became the highest ranked in the city. Recently in 2020, Christian has move back to his home town Halifax to reinvent real estate. If you’re looking for someone who stands out, someone who is professional, honest, experienced and will create an amazing real estate experience, then Christian is your expert.