Buying a Home

1) Virtual or in person Buyer Consultation. We will set up a search and review todays buying process in the current market conditions. 2) We have a recommended list of accomendations that will be covered under your claim. Some have kitchens which provide the msot cost effective accomendation for your house hunting trip. 3) Pre-Booked Showigns: we will book your favorites homes before you arrrive so you can take full advantage of your house hunting trip (HHT). 4) I will personally drive you around to see areas anf homes so you can sit back, relax, and focus on the home that best suits you. 5) Pre-Book Home Inspection: your inspections will be tentativley booked near the last couple days of your trip so you can be present at your home inspeciton. 6) We have a list of BGRS suppliers like, lawyers, inspectors, and anyone you would use through this process.



Selling a Home

1) Fill out a Property Questionnaire. 2) Book a 30 minute in person market analysis. 3) Our  Services include home staging, professional photograhpy, meaurements, and bi-weekly market updates. 4) We do effective open houses. 5) A marketing budget on social media is set up to show your property to as many people as possible. 6) We sell you home.